Poster Session

The 2024 ERC Biennial Meeting will include one poster session. Each ERC should plan to bring one poster.

Please plan to staff your poster during the Networking Reception and Poster Session on Monday, September 9 from 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM, ET.

Size and Dimensions

  1. The dimensions of our poster boards are 4’ high by 8’ wide. We strongly recommend that your poster is no larger than 42” x 42” to leave room for poster numbers and push pin cups, which will be provided. You can download a suggested poster template here.
  2. Each center will be assigned a poster board.
  3. Posters may be printed in portrait or landscape format (as long as it is no larger 42” x 42”).
  4. Posters should be printed on paper or fabric. Please do not use foam core.
  5. Please keep in mind that your poster should be legible from at least 3 feet away.
Content and Messaging

Your poster should include the following information:

  1. Heading
    1. Authors, Advisors
    2. Logos: Your Center’s logo, NSF logo, & NSF/ERC program (optional) logo
    3. ERC Name and acronym
    4. Lead institution
    5. Core partner institutions
    6. Center vision
  2. Body
    1. Section on each of the four foundational components of the ERC: Convergent Research (CR), Engineering Workforce Development (EWD), Diversity and Culture of Inclusion (DCI), and the Innovation Ecosystem (IE) 
    2. *Please integrate the meeting theme of Engineering a Culture of Post-Graduation Sustainability into the sections of your poster.*

Watch this 7-minute video on best practices for preparing an effective poster

During the Meeting
  1. Posters should be hung before your poster session begins. There are periodic networking breaks throughout the day during which you can set up your poster. Onsite staff at the registration desk can help you find the poster session area and/or your poster number, if needed.
  2. Thumbtacks will be available onsite for mounting the displays.
  3. Designate at least one center representative to stand by your poster for the duration of the poster session.
  4. Consider providing a handout summarizing your research and include your contact information or be sure to have your business cards available for those who request your contact information. If you plan to provide a handout, please print these, and bring them the meeting.
  5. Please remove your poster from the board following the poster session.